When these customers renovated their home, they spent a long time researching the different products they would need to meet their requirements.

This research extended to their replacement garage doors.

Living in Seaford on the South Downs…virtually on a cliff top, they wanted garage doors that would insulate their garage from the elements and could cope with the salty air that creates unsightly rust on traditional garage doors.

They opted for these side-opening garage doors from Ryterna. This is a quality product that exactly met the customers’ needs while also offering superior security with 42mm-think steel panels for extra strength.

The side-opening doors offer easy access too.

If you think a Ryterna side-opening door may suit your garage, you may be interested in one of our earlier articles about a garage that had been converted into a fitness studio.

There are lots of garage door products and models available. If you need guidance with your own research, do not hesitate to contact me and I will happily guide you through the garage doors that will meet your needs.