These pages have often given advice on how the type of garage door you choose can help you transform your garage into a useful room.
This thought process was crucial for one of our customers in Burgess Hill, who runs her own fitness business from her garage.

Our customer needed an entrance that was separate from her home but complemented the look of her property.

She also wanted her clients to be able to enter her fitness studio with ease, to be warm throughout their time there and to benefit from some natural light

We advised her to choose a side-hinged door from Ryterna. This meant her clients could enter and exit her studio through a ‘normal’ door as opposed to lifting up a canopy or retractable garage door…which would have made her studio still feel like a garage.

This Ryterna side-hinged range provided us with an option that would complement our customer’s existing modern front door.

As the photos above show, the new garage door came with obscured glass windows which meant natural light could filter through, but people could not see into the studio therefore her clients’ privacy remained intact.

Lastly, the Ryterna door gave our customer the insulation she needed to keep her studio warm. Ryterna constructs their side-hinged garage doors using double-skin, steel sections filled with Freon-free PU foam. This provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The doors have a perfect all-round perimeter seal to the frame too to keep the weather out and to maintain an ambient temperature within.

Our customer now has an easy-to-access, draught-free, natural- lit studio with an entrance that is entirely in keeping with her home.