We are always preparing for our next conversion project. Turning two single garage door openings into one has been a speciality for South East Garage Doors for many years now. We get calls from across the UK asking for our help, but, sadly, we can only serve the homeowners in our catchment area.

In this instance, we replaced two garage doors at a home in Buxted, East Sussex, with a Pembroke woodgrain-style double door from the Wessex range. This is made from glass reinforced polyester (GRP), which is natural insulating material that does not warp, shrink or rust and is virtually maintenance-free.

As a big door, it would be heavy to lift so this one is automated for convenient access.

And with a larger opening, the owners can now get their car in more easily.

We took care of all the building work on this project, which can often include inserting RSJs, timber supports and steel lintels to support the brickwork, roof, etc. above.

If your car is too big for your single garage openings and you would like to convert two single garage doors into one double, then please give us a call. I know we can help.

Here are a few more of our conversion projects: