Back in the day, a Volvo estate was considered a big car and garages built in that era were perfectly proportioned to accommodate vehicles of this size with a 7ft-wide garage door.

But the advent of 4x4s and MPVs has seen a growth in the manufacture and consumption of bigger cars. Even so-called small cars are bigger these days!

Many of these cars will struggle to get through a 7ft garage door, even if you fold their wing mirrors in. The trickier part of the process is often getting yourself out of the car and then around it to exit the garage!

But don’t worry, you do not have to rush off and buy a newer house with a bigger garage or knock your current garage down and build a new one. Southeast Roller Garage Doors has solved this issue for a range of its customers. In fact, we had an unprecedented demand for wider garage door openings in last year.

In many cases, it is possible to alter the opening size. This work may involve changing two singles into a double-sized garage or removing part of one or both side pillars to make a single garage wider for a car to enter more easily.

Building work is an additional cost to the installation and new garage door, Southeast Roller Garage Doors undertakes the building work themselves to simplify the delivery of the solution. Building work often includes the installation of RSJ s, timber supports and steel lintels to support the brickwork, roof, etc, sat above. This has meant any central piers have been able to be removed creating a fabulous wide space to get the car or cars into the garage.

And this building work probably does not as much as you would think. Of the eight conversions carried out in 2013, building work has ranged from £250 to £2000…much cheaper than buying a new house! The structural work normally takes a day and the new garage door installation is done the next day.

If you are considering changing the size of your garage door opening, then please get in touch with us for a free no obligation survey.