This is a question we get asked a lot because we do this a lot! Increasingly, people are seeking us out to carry out this work so they can turn their two single or twin garage doors into one double.

The main reason for this is that the garage door openings of years gone by do not suit larger, modern-day cars.

So rather than risk losing wing mirrors or scraping your door on the supporting pillar that divides the two garage doors, it is more convenient to do away with it all together.

However, the roof or rooms above your garages may not agree! The supporting pillar no doubt plays an important role in keeping them in place.

Our series of photos shows the building work that takes place before a double garage door can be installed.

Our team at South East Garage Doors undertakes all this building work so you do not have to deal with multiple tradesmen.

In the example above, we took two days to complete the job which culminated in the installation of a double sectional garage door.

The insulation provided by this door means the bedrooms above will be warmer this winter and heating bills will be lower.

This bespoke solution met multiple needs, both functionally and aesthetically, while also providing long-term return on investment through reduced fuel bills.

If you would like a free evaluation and quote for this type of work, please do not hesitate to contact me.