We are no strangers to prefabricated garages as our previous blogs (see below) will prove and while other garage door installers will shudder at the thought of them, we have had continued success in sprucing them up to modern day aesthetic standards.

Before we could start on this double garage in Westfield, East Sussex, we had to alter the metal framework so we could successfully install an attractive Hörmann sectional garage door which other companies had said couldn’t be done! The inner framework was limiting the height of the garage door so you can see from the photos how we cleverly made adjustments.

This was only half the job however. In order to finish off the project properly, we also fitted matching fascia to transform this garage into a something the homeowner could be proud of.

Aside from achieving a fresh look, using Hörmann’s sectional door meant this garage door now opens vertically, which means there is now more space both inside and in front of the garage, as well as offering improved insulation and security.

If your prefab garage could do with a makeover, you might want to read our other blogs below for more information or simply get in contact with me with a no-obligation quote.

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