We have discussed the challenge of concrete garages before in our advice section and this example will show how we are never thwarted by what other garage doors companies may refuse to even contemplate.

In this instance, the issue was the metal framework that not only supported the garage door functionality but also held up the whole garage.

We were able to cut away at the existing metal work and then installed new framework to ensure the garage was, firstly, secure and, secondly, to accommodate a replacement garage door.

Our customer had been told by other installers that this job could not be done…but we like to be different.

Thanks to our alterations, we were able to install a replacement sectional garage door without the roof caving in!

If you have been told your job is impossible by other garage door installers, then please do not hesitate to give us a call. We specialise in bespoke solutions and really rather relish the challenge!