Actually, neither of these families was called Jones and this is not a case of one-up-man-ship, but more a case of mutual admiration.

The owners of the black canopy or up-and-over garage door had this installed on the same day their new neighbours moved in next door in Hailsham, Sussex. This Garador Ascot door is a popular model with many of our customers.

Its sleek design and choice of colours means that when one of these are chosen as a replacement garage door, the entire property benefits from a fresh look.

The new neighbours were so impressed that they called South East Garage Doors and requested the same garage door for their property…but this time in red.

They certainly make a smart statement when you see them side by side and they are both electrically operated too so they are easy to open.

If this style of garage door appeals to you and looks like a perfect upgrade for your garage, then do not hesitate to give us a call.