The trouble with cars these days is that they are getting bigger and bigger. Most garages were built to accommodate a 7ft-wide garage door.

The average car these days struggles to get into such an opening usually with the wing mirrors folded in. Even if you can get into you garage then getting out of the car can be even more challenging without scratching the car door or jumping out of the sunroof!

We may have the solution for you….

It is possible in many cases to alter the opening size. Over the past year we have had an unprecedented demand for wider garage door openings. This has included changing two singles into a double sized garage and removing part of one or both side pillars to make the single garage wider for a car to enter easily.

This building work does come at a cost but probably not as much as you would think. We have done eight conversions this year and the prices have ranged from £250 up to £2000 for the structural building work.

We have installed RSJ steels, put in timber supports and catnic lintels to support the brick work, roof etc. that sat above. This has meant any central piers have been able to be removed creating a fabulous wide space to get the car or cars into the garage.

The structural work normally takes a day and the new garage door installation is done the next day. We specialise in ensuring the job is done neatly and professionally. We always remove all rubbish from site and finish off all brickwork and UPVC work.

We have found that our customers like one company to organise everything from getting the steel ordered to installing the new garage door.

If you would like a free no obligation survey of your garage with the possibility of changing you garage door opening size then please get in touch.