Many of our customers own what is called a double garage. Technically speaking this is any garage door opening of over 10ft.

Garage doors age and therefore sag, rust, rub on the frame and generally become less attractive than they used to be.

Here at South East Garage Doors we get many phone calls from such customers asking us to come and survey and quote for a new garage door and most customers ask us for a roller door.

What I would like to do in this blog is just to briefly highlight some of the pros and cons of a replacement up-and-over, sectional and roller garage door in a double opening.

An up-and-over door is extremely heavy. It is one piece of fixed metal, timber or GRP that opens outwards. This means parking a car in front of it is always tricky! If the door is not automated with an electric opener then they can be very difficult to open too.

On the other hand roller doors and sectional doors rise vertically. The sectional door runs on tracks like the up-and-over and slides up into the roof space the garage. The roller garage door rolls up into 300mm of space above the head of garage opening. Indeed, many choose a roller to get rid of the tracks and automation unit that takes up valuable ceiling space.

Another consideration on a roller garage door is do you have enough space above the garage door opening for the 300mm x 300mm roll of garage door. We find our customers haven’t considered this and in some circumstances don’t have this headroom.

Do the leaves blow in under your door? Is there a draft in your garage from the gaps around the edges of the up over door? Is your garage part of your living space? These problems can be solved with an insulated roller door and an insulated sectional door garage door.

The roller door runs in guides with soft brushes in them. It closes with neat rubber seal with the ground and the last slat shuts firmly against the head of the garage opening. This is much better weather and heat seal than an up and over.

The sectional door can beat this! It seals with a rubber strip all the way around and it almost 100% sealed. The ability to keep heat in behind a 42mm foam filled panel is extraordinary good. Many customers boast of not having to turn radiators on in the rooms above once one of these doors is fitted.

The roller garage door comes in one design, although there are many colour variations. The horizontal 77mm slat is attractive but fairly standard looking as far as garage doors go.

The sectional door comes in a traditional Georgian style or a selection of widths of horizontal panels. The up and over has the most styles on offer and this is sometimes the most important factor when choosing a garage door.

To conclude I would like to summarise the three doors. The considerations have to be expense, visual quality, security and warmth. Everyone’s taste and priority is different. I have a 42mm insulated sectional garage door with a Georgian panel design. It is fully sealed to the weather. It keeps our house much warmer. It is very secure. It was also cheaper than the other two options of a roller garage door or an up-and-over garage door.

I hope we have given you some food for thought in this brief blog. The best option is to let us come round and do a free no obligation site survey and show you what the options are.

Thank you for reading.