With freezing temperatures hitting the UK and homeowners turning up their thermostats to keep their homes warm, I was reminded of a garage door installation we carried out in Eastbourne.

If your home has an integral garage, it is likely there may be a room above, usually a bedroom.

We were called in to replace the garage door for this customer after their son recommended us following a similar job we had carried out for him.

By installing insulated garage doors for both of these homes, they benefited from a temperature increase in the rooms above their garages. When I drive my van out of my garage in winter, the temperature immediately drops by 5˚C.

This meant the bedroom above this garage will be naturally warmer and there will be less of a need to tweak up the thermostat or to have the heating on for as long.

We installed a pair of double-skinned Hörmann S-Panel LPU42 insulted sectional garage doors in rosewood deco grain to complement the traditional decor of the house. The 42 refers to the 42mm depth of the door, which helps give it such superior insulation along with a whole-door seal that eliminates drafts.

As well as keeping this home warmer, these doors will help reduce fuel bills as there will be less need for the heating to be on in the bedroom. Therefore these garage doors will undoubtedly pay for themselves.

If you have room above a garage and felt a little chilly this week, get in contact with me to see if an insulated garage door could help you stay warmer next winter.