South East Garage Doors was called in to assist with this project in Caterham, Surrey, to meet a requirement for super security.

To complement the development of a large home, there was a need for a garage door solution that would befit a property situated in very remote location.

Not only is a garage often one of the easiest ways to break into a home, but it usually houses high value items that are easy for an intruder to steal and sell or, indeed, tools that can be used to gain access to the remainder of the property.

Having worked on both luxury developments and a range of security solutions, South East Garage Doors recommended SWS SeceuroGlide Excel roller doors.

The unique reinforced design of the SeceuroGlide Excel meant it was one of the first garage doors of any kind to successfully complete independent testing recognised by police and insurance companies on a national level and known as Secured by Design.

In short, SeceuroGlide Excel is the most advanced roller door on the market with the highest available security specification.

If your property would benefit from a secure garage door solution like this one, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.