We turned this open bay carport into a secure and insulated space with the installation of two Hörmann sectional garage doors.

South East Garage Doors had to use sectional doors as canopy doors, which open outwards, would not have worked due to the oak frames that are often the most appealing features of these carports.

We used M-Ribbed Decograin® sectional doors in oak for this location in South Chailey. The colour matches the frame of the garage and there is a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the finish.

These doors are fully insulated with 42mm thick foam filled panels and weather resistant seals around the door edges and between the panels. Combined with rubber seals between each panel, this sectional door provides very high levels of insulation and resistance to weather.

They also provide high levels of security in the design and strength of the panel combined with the operating mechanism. This prevents not only burglars getting in but also any animals!

If you would like to convert your carport into a secure, insulated garage, please do not hesitate to give me a call.