Cars are bigger than they used to be – that’s a fact. Just compare the Mini of yesteryear to the beast it has become today!

However if you live in house that was built a few decades ago, your garage will probably have been built to suit the dimensions of the cars of the time, usually with 7ft-wide opening. This means that many cars simply do not fit anymore.

We do have solutions that may suit some homeowners.

South East Garage Doors can alter the opening size of a garage or we can knock two garage openings into one to create a more accessible double door opening.

This will involve building work but we have the skills at our disposal to take this on as part of an entire replacement garage door solution.

We have installed RSJ steels, put in timber supports and catnic lintels to support brickwork, roofing, etc that is positioned above. We organise everything ‘in house’ so our customers do not have to concern themselves with getting different companies in to do different parts of one project.

The structural work normally takes a day to complete so that the new garage door can be installed the next day. We specialise in ensuring the job is done neatly and professionally. We always remove all rubbish from site and finish off all brickwork and uPVC work.

We have done about 30 of these now and have plenty of references should you require them.

If your cars need a little bit more space, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free no obligation survey of your garage.