South East Garage Doors is often called on to replace wooden garage doors that quite simply cannot stand the test of time.

The owners of this period property in the village of Maresfield in East Sussex called us in to replace their old timber doors.

We explained the options available in terms of the garage door materials used these days and the full range of types and styles on offer.

We installed a pair of side-opening Wessex GRP York doors in dark oak. As well as being entirely in keeping with the property, the use of GRP – or glass reinforced polyester – means the new insulated doors will not warp, shrink or rust and are virtually maintenance-free.

As more wooden doors begin to disintegrate, more homeowners will be faced with the prospect of replacing them. I would like to assure them that they should not be concerned that the end result will not be as attractive as their original garage door as there are lots of options to ensure a sympathetic solution that will more be much more secure too.

Please contact me if you want to discuss replacing your timber garage doors.