Wait! Before you start knocking holes in walls, have you considered a garage door with windows?

With more garages being used as rooms – gyms, offices, playrooms, workshops, laundries, etc. – there is often a need for natural light.

We have worked on several projects like this using garage doors with windows or vision slats, as they are often called. And these are double glazed to retain the insulation modern doors offer.

This installation project saw us use a Hörmann M-Ribbed LPU42 sectional door with cross windows with crystal glazing.

There is a range of windows to choose from – plain, crossed or diamond style or even a sunrise formation – and you can have up to eight windows, depending on the width of your door.

These windows will give your garage or room some natural light and allow you to enjoy the external view from within.

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Garage with a view
Dog enjoys the light.owners enjoy the warmth!

Please give me a call if you think your garage would benefit from a garage door like this.