While I am sure you would agree that this door has seen better days, it isn’t always necessary to replace a garage door.

If it simply does not work anymore, then consider a repair first.

The most common garage door issues are:

  • Stuck or jammed doors
  • Faulty automation on electric doors
  • Broken spring or cable
  • Faulty lock or handles

As highly qualified and well-experienced specialists, we can usually repair any type of garage door. We carry a full stock of spares, so most repair issues can be resolved on the same day. If we can repair your door, this will cost you a fraction of a new door.

However, if your garage door has rotted, rusted or is dented beyond repair, like the one above, a replacement will be necessary.

Similarly, if you do not like your door anymore and have the budget, then replace it! As with anything, garage doors go out of fashion and the newer ones with will be more secure and efficiently insulated.

Modern doors can also be automated, so they can be opened with a key fob, keypad or mobile phone app.

If you are unsure, we will honestly advise you on whether your door needs a repair or a replacement. We can also give you a rundown on the full range of style and colours modern garage doors now come in. We work with multiple, trusted manufacturers to give you a full choice to suit your needs, taste and budget.