More and more people are utilising their garage space as an addition room for their homes.

Most common uses for garages are playrooms for the kids, workshops, gyms, games rooms, space for the Jacuzzi or sauna, home office, etc. But to make any of these truly useable all year round, you will need to heat these rooms – more specifically, you will need to keep the heat in and the drafts out.

An insulated garage door will make utilising your garage for living purposes a realistic option. Insulated garage doors make a lot of sense in an era when we are all committed to saving energy and money. Garage door drafts have a huge impact on heating bill losses for the entire home. Insulation helps you to save cash while enabling you to use your garage space in a multitude of smart ways.

We install insulated garage doors from a range of manufacturers, including Hormann. To find out more on their products, please feel free to browse their brochure here or contact me for further advice.