Roller doors are increasingly popular with our customers and many people come to us because they know we are specialists in fitting them.

Sometimes though, we have to disappoint people because there simply isn’t enough headroom in their garage to accommodate a roller garage door.

If you are considering one, here is a handy tip that might save a bit of heartache and time.

Take some measurements: Check the space from the lowest point of your ceiling to what you would like as your drive through height. Allow 300 or 205mm for the rolled curtain and then one slat showing from the bottom of the roll.

A roller garage door needs either 300mm for a 77mm curtain or 205mm for a 55mm curtain, above the garage door. If you’ve got this, then there should not be an issue.

If you have not got this, do not despair!

A sectional garage door opens vertically in the same way a roller door does, but runs back onto tracks and slides into the roof space. Sectional doors need less headroom than the rollers.

I will gladly talk you through your options if you are looking to replace your garage door. Please do not hesitate to contact me or browse our gallery to see examples of our work.