Homes that come with open bays to park their vehicles and store their garden furniture and tools in miss out on the security, insulation and weatherproof features that are part and parcel of modern garage.

This is especially true where bays have exposed rafters and beams that seem to be right in the way of where a garage door would normally be.

Not be beaten by some exposed timber, we set about installing a sectional door behind the woodwork, using the plentiful roof space often available in open bays, to create a sealed double garage.

A roller door would work equally well in this situation, but which ever model you use, the point is that it is possible.

You can convert open bays into garages. We have proved it!

Do you have an open bay that would work better for you as a garage? Give me a call. I will gladly come to visit you to see what is possible. There is always a way!