If your garage door looks anything like this, then I would suggest a replacement would be a good idea!

You cannot store anything securely in this garage and it certainly isn’t insulated; in fact the door looks like it is about to fall off. This means the garage space is wasted space as it cannot be used effectively and your neighbours will probably be unhappy too with such a dilapidated feature.

I do appreciate that this is an extreme example of a garage door that needs replacing. There will be plenty where a repair will be sufficient to reinstate their usefulness. This is something we can also help you with. Our highly skilled engineers carry a full stock of parts in their vans so repairs are usually resolved very quickly.

However, some garage doors are beyond repair or simply do not meet the needs of the homeowner any more. You might find your garage door is too heavy to lift, that it is not wide enough to accommodate your vehicle, that it isn’t insulated enough to use your garage as an extra room, etc. These are all issues we can help you overcome. We can even take out the door altogether and replace it with a stud wall, entrance door and window.

If it is a replacement garage door you need, we can advise you on the best solution to meet your budget. There are lots of styles and colours available to ensure it perfectly matches the style of your home.

For more information on the types of garage doors available, see our helpful web page here or contact me to book a free visit and I can talk you through your options.