…and how you can fix them!

Garage door openers often have indicators on them to help you identify any operation errors. This is not always the case for older versions.

So South East Garage Doors has compiled a list of fixes for the most common problems for the older openers.

Problem 1: The garage door reverses when almost closed

Fixes: Firstly check that there isn’t an obstacle in the way that is causing the motors sensor to back the garage door off. If not it is more than likely that the garage door itself has a problem. It may be a simple as needing a service. Or it could be a broken spring or the door has become misaligned for some reason.

Problem 2: The garage door reverses mid-operation and doesn’t close

Fix 2: The cause of this problem is probably the motors sensor kicking in again. This probably mean the motor needs adjusting and probably the garage door too.

Problem 3: Garage door is stuck and won’t open at all

Fixes: Has a fuse blown on your consumer unit? Do the batteries need changing on your remote? Has your car boot opened inside the garage? If not then there is almost certainly a problem with the automation unit. Possibly the receiving side of the electronics.

Problem 4: The garage door struggles to open or sounds unusual

Fix 4: If this occurs, it may be the case that the garage door was fitted a while ago and simply needs servicing. The automation then be re-learnt.

We hope these help. If you have any queries at all about your garage door opener or any other garage door issue, please call South East Garage Doors. We can service your garage door and make adjustments to automation units. We are well versed with a big range of operators. Very often a door or automation can be fixed to save you from having to purchase another one.