South East Garage Doors replaces two 20-year-old garage doors with two wider, insulated garage doors to accommodate modern-day large cars.

The challenge:
The customer’s property was built in the 1990s and they were keen to replace their dated garage doors. They wanted to ensure the new doors would be insulated to optimise the warmth of the bedrooms that were located above. They also wanted to invest in wider garage doors to suit the dimensions of modern-day larger cars.

The solution:
South East Garage Doors used it building knowledge to cut away at the intricate brickwork around the existing garage opening , while maintaining the structure’s stability, to make it wider to accommodate wider doors.

The customer chose made-to-measure Hörmann Georgian S-panelled sectional doors in white wood grain. These vertically rising insulated steel panels operate behind a heavily weather-sealed framework and provide one of the highest levels of insulation for any of the garage doors currently in the UK.

The entire job was completed by South East Garage Doors within one-and-a-half days with the team also removing and disposing of the existing garage doors.

What the customer said:
Mr Roy said: “We are delighted to be able to fit both our cars into our garages again.”

If you need advice on widening your garage doors, please do not hesitate to contact me.